Before you promote another affiliate product, you must know,
you are leaving cash on the table EVERY TIME...

“Discover the Secret Clickbank Loophole That Will Build a Massive List of Buyers and Double, Triple and Quadruple Your Commissions on Auto-Pilot ”

That's right -- This system will single handedly increase affiliate sales AND build a massive list of buyers... and now you have access to it...



From: Jeff Czyzewski

Dear Internet Marketing Friend,

If I told you that you’re only minutes away from having a system that can instantly double, triple and quadruple your affiliate earnings... and by instantly I mean RIGHT NOW... would you be interested?

In The Next 7 Minutes Your Going To Discover:

  • The Secret Clickbank Loophole that 95% of Affiliates never knew existed.
  • How to Effortlessly increase your sales...
  • How to instantly build a massive list of people who are screaming to hand you money over and over and over...
  • How to completely automate a process that used to take hours so you can relax and just get paid.

But first I need to warn you... this is NOT the same old garbage you've been spoon fed before. In fact, you'll be happy to know everything I share with you here today requires:



NO Google Adwords

NO "work" required...

Now, what if I told you that this same system builds you a list of BUYERS 24-7 and can be activated with the push of a button, would you be willing to hear me out?

Stop dreaming.

This is real.

And it’s about to revolutionize the way everyone thinks about making money online.

I know you’re probably skeptical, and I don’t blame you.

I’ve also been the victim of shady snake oil marketers claiming to have a push button system that would make me more money than the GDP of a Guam while I sipped fruity drinks on a beach.

The dream they sell you all sounds so incredible…until you see the product.

Once you buy their overhyped magic “listbuilding software” you quickly realize that your Visa was just debted $197 for a “squeeze page generator”!

And not even a good squeeze page generated at that!

Are you kidding me?

Hell, I could’ve gotten you an even nicer squeeze page for $30 bucks with sales copy! I’ve got spare time.

Now I’m guessing you felt a little short-changed when you made that purchase.

You Didn’t Pay For a Squeeze Page…You Paid For A Big Honkin’ List of Buyers That You Can Exploit For Monster Paydays Any Time You Damn Well Please!

You paid for freedom from your job.

You paid for the freedom to travel where you want, whenever you want.

You paid to learn how to build a massive LIST, not a squeeze page.

Well lucky for you: the notion of creating a REAL push button listbuilding machine has always been a dream of mine. And it’s a dream I’ve been in a unique position to actualize.

I have years of internet marketing and software creation experience under my belt.

And since I’ve been doing IT work for some of the biggest names in the internet marketing industry I’ve learned a few things about list building and marketing online that most of you will never know.

So buckle up and listen carefully.


What’s the first thing most gurus will tell you when they start to “teach” you the “secrets” of making easy cash online?

They’ll tell you to sign up at Clickbank and start promoting high gravity products. Right?

Along with that advice there is almost always the subtle hints that the BEST product to promote right now is THAT GURU’S OWN PRODUCT.

There’s a damn good reason for this.

While Following This Advice Works Wonders For The Guru, It’s A Financial Travesty For You!

Maybe you took their advice, and you noticed that promoting a Clickbank product on Adwords successfully requires an IQ of 140 and a budget deeper than Marianas Trench.

Or maybe you started driving traffic to their product by writing articles by the dozen until you realized you never even cracked minimum wage for the time you put in.

What happened was…

The Gurus Were NEVER Teaching You How To Make Money…They Were Teaching You How to Make The Gurus Money

You are a mere pawn in their sick little game of chess.

The harsh truth is: You will NEVER get rich if all you’re doing is promoting their Clickbanks products.

It will never happen in your lifetime.

Why? Because it’s common knowledge among gurus that the money is NOT in the front end.

They throw you that $30 commission like you throw your dog the leftovers of your ham sandwich. They’re keeping you happy, and silencing your complaints.

The Real Money Exchanges Hands After That First Sale Is Made: When the Launches are Done and You’ve Built Their  List

It’s the upsells.

The downsells.

The membership sites.

The high end coaching programs.

The endless stream of backend offers.

You handed them your customer and…

They Go To Work Churning Out Behemoth Fortunes From That PROVEN BUYER And Send You Packing

All of this got me thinking.

As long as the gurus can get a newbie or two or three to promote their product every day (who cares if they succeed?) the massive BUYERS lists of these gurus continues to grow like weeds on speed.

They teach YOU how to build their buyers list. And when you give up, they go find another chump and offer you another “system”.

What bothers me most about this is how dangerously close you actually are to building a respectable, and even outrageous income as an affiliate.

You can free yourself from the shackles of your job.

You can drive the hot cars, hit up the clubs or live whatever kind of life you want.

You Just Need To KNOW How to Beat The Gurus At Their Own Game

Let’s imagine together what would happen to your affiliate marketing efforts if we made ONE simple tweak….

  • What if every single Clickbank buyer you generated wound up on your buyers list instead of the guru’s? (“ka-ching!”)
  • What if you could upsell those customers on other affiliate products immediately after their purchase, and keep 100% of the commission (“ka-ching!”)?
  • What if you could offer those PROVEN BUYERS five, ten, or even one hundred other relevant offers within the following few months just like the gurus do? (“kaching! “ka-ching! “kaching!” “kaching!” “ka-ching!.....” )

"Think It's Impossible? Then Think Again"


An Extra $2276.63 in 2 Weeks

Check out those Extra Commissions made with No Additional Work.

That’s additional income I made on auto-pilot.

I only broke out the commissions in this picture to show you how much more I made using this system.

The commissions on the left are from just one small account making just a few sales a day. The commissions on the right are what I made after the initial sale... extra income, no extra work.

Look at the difference.. without trying I doubled my commissions and on some days tripled and almost quadrupled my commissions.

Ok, so I know what you're thinking.. these aren't $1000 days...but let's be real for a second.

These results are when I wasn't even trying...they're easily attainable by simply following some step by instructions.

If you're already making good money, then it's about to get even easier.

The system does all the work for you.

Either way, this is a win-win situation..


“It's Time To Turn on The Power of Your Own Push Button List Building System ”

The pieces of the puzzle had been coming together for years.

Clickbank made it possible to make a killing without even having a website or a payment system.

Most of these products now come with prewritten sales material.

Automated lead capture came along long ago.

And now,I've put the remaining pieces together for you right here.


Clickbank Bonus Domination

Clickbank Bonus Domination Product

Clickbank Bonus Domination will forever change the affiliate marketing game and if you act fast, you’ll ride the wave of this revolution to incredible wealth before you even know what hit you.

“So What EXACTLY Does CB Bonus Domination Do?”

Quite simply: it provides a 1-2 punch that will immediately position you as the top 1% of affiliate marketers and send your affiliate marketing competition crying back to their mommies like little girls.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this tool will turn your affiliate marketing, into a hyperactive listbuilding machine.

But not just ANY list.

A list made up of your proven BUYERS.

If you’re like me, you know that a list of 1,000 buyers is better than 10,000 freebie seekers.

These are the die-hard fans of what you do that will provide income for you and your family FOREVER.




You bet.


Incredibly So!

"...But it does SO MUCH MORE than JUST That"

I've taken everything that I've been quietly watching the gurus do for years, from inside the walls of the inner sanctum, and put it together in one place.

CBBD Circle

I wrapped all of this knowledge around an incredibly powerful list building and commission doubling machine and jammed packed it with features.

Now, not only can you generate job crushing income from the front-end affiliate sales…the buyers list you will create will be an endless source of cash on demand for the rest of your life!

This is everything an affiliate marketer needs, but super-charged.


First, I put together an advanced training system that will show you:

  • How to dominate any niche and find buyers that are waiting just for you.
  • Exactly How, When and Where to offer incentives that buyers absolutely must have and will be begging to get their hands on.
  • How to treat the huge list of prospects and buyers you are about to build so they will be eating out of your hands and ready to send you money.
  • Where to find hoards of hungry, targeted traffic and buyers and how to entice them to buy from you every single time.




Second, I'm handing you a list building, commission doubling machine that:

  • Automatically emails every buyer that purchases from your link and sends them any message you want.
  • Offers the buyer a Bonus that you choose and automatically verifies their Clickbank receipt.
  • Instantly adds that buyer to your autoresponder list
  • And can sell something else to the buyer..immediately when they are most likely to purchase.


But don't just take my word for it. Watch how this system works.


See it in action here:

This text will be replaced

Notice How Your Bonus Email Comes In Right Next To The Clickbank Notification!

Talk about Ad Placement....

That email offers them irresistible bonuses that perfectly compliment the product they just purchased.

Then it upsells them on a product that their lives won’t be complete without.

You’re now able to dip your hand right into your customers pockets in the heat of their buying frenzy.

When they grab their bonuses, that GOLD STANDARD SUBSCRIBER winds up automatically on YOUR LIST. Now you’re ready to draw money from them like a well….whenever you’re in the mood!

Before you know it, that one sale has turned into another…

and another…

and another….


Can It Possibly Be This Easy?

Yet it can.

I know this seems hard to believe. But it’s just the ultimate example of working smarter, not harder. I’ve brought together all the powerful automation tools the internet has to offer into one synergistic cash creating juggernaut.

Not only can you make hundreds per day on the front end sales…just think how your life will change when you have a list of 1,000, 2,000, 5,000-10,000, and even 50,000 buyers in a matter of months from now.


Joe Jablonski"An Automated Process to bring in Profits!"

Jeff first contacted me with this idea a few months ago and I didn't see the true value until I tried it out.

Not only did my profits increase, but I was able to access all my referrals that bought through my affiliate link from the products I promoted through ClickBank. ChaChing!!

To top it off, Jeff has made this fully automated!

Being Mike Filsaime's Affiliate Relations Manager, this was a system we needed to use.

Joe Jablonski
Affiliate Relations Inc.


Jonny Andrews"I am totally and completely floored by the power, sheer magnitude and simplicity of this program."

Jeff, When you showed me what CB Bonus Domination does I literally flipped out. (You remember? I left you that insane voice mail)

Very infrequently does something come around that is of a quality to change an industry... what CB Bonus Domination does is exactly that.

No kidding, if anyone is marketing products as an affiliate you NEED to get this.

I am totally and completely floored by the power, sheer magnitude and simplicity of this program.

Buy this.

This is for ANYONE, big or small who is marketing ClickBank products as an affiliate.

It will revolutionize the way you make money. Seriously. Get this.

Jonny Andrews


Charles Kirkland"My new secret weapon... "

ClickBank Bonus Domination is going to be a Gold mine to anybody who gets it. After Jeff showed my exactly what CBBD can do I was like a kid at Christmas thinking about all the extra money I am going to make with it.

Plus the fact that I can now add proven buyers to my list is every affiliates dream.

CBBD is going to be my new secret weapon is making more money from Clickbank.

Charles Kirkland


Mark Dulisse" NEED this. Seriously!"

Jeff, This is a killer package you have here. As an online marketer who "often" offers bonuses to my customers, I've been struggling for a while with all the steps necessary to deliver them.

Up until now...I've had to do so much manually - putting my bonus sites together, managing my various bonus offers, and most importantly, making sure I email my customers their bonus within 24 hours after purchase. (which means I'm tied to my computer). But Not Anymore....

You automated it all for me..and now I can finally rest. It rocks!

If anyone is reading this, and you offer bonuses to your NEED this. Seriously!

Mark Dulisse
PEI, Canada


Chris Freville"Clickbank Bonus Domination Absolutely Hit The Mark "

There are two things I know well, List Building and Clickbank, and Clickbank Bonus Domination absolutely hit the mark with Both.

When Jeff showed me how this system allowed me to get in touch with customers after they purchased from my affiliate link I immediately thought of a million ways to put that to work for me.

If you're serious about building valuable lists and putting more income in your pocket as a result, you must get this tool!

Chris Freville


I know some of you have got questions so let me deal with them right now.

Do I need a product to make this work?

Absolutely not. There are already hundreds of products out there that convert like crazy. Why reinvent the wheel? We’ll be leveraging these products, and siphoning off the buyers onto our list for big paydays months and years into the future. I’m going to show you how to attract these buyers like crazy.

Do I Need To Know How To Create Bonuses?

Absolutely not. Inside you get the Blueprint that shows you exactly how to create high value, relevant bonuses that buyers will absolutely have to have. They may buy from you JUST to get the bonus.

Do I Need Any Technical Skills?

Just the basic knowledge of how to work your computer is all you need. Step by step videos will help you get everything set up…and my guarantee, if you can’t get to work… I’ll do it for you.

Who Owns The Leads Generated By the System?

You do. They’re yours free and clear. No strings attached.

Is this scalable?

Like crazy it is. Once you’re setup and there’s nothing to stop you from setting up another buyers list around a different product, or even a different niche. How many rabid buyers lists do YOU want to create? That’s totally up to you..

Are there any other tools I’ll need to buy to make this work?

The only thing you’ll need is a program to manage and mail to the buyers list you’ll be creating. I recommend Aweber or Getresponse for this purpose. You'll also need a hosting account if you really want to super-charge this system.

Why Not Just Use It Yourself?

I do. And the results so far are mind-blowing. But the online industry is a big place with plenty of niches..and the truth is, there's more than enough room.

So What Else Does this System Do?

There really is a lot to list, but let’s try and go over a least a sampling of what you’re about to receive:

  • The instant ability to add every buyer to your own list …so you can market to them again, and again and again….(this is where you’ll get the money to buy that yacht)
  • A powerful and automated upsell and cross sell system that can increase your commissions exponentially, but doesn't require any additional work.
  • A complete copy and paste blueprint for creating bonuses that buyers will want to have. that allow you to create the highest quality and most sought after bonuses available for any product you promote.
  • Instant email list relationship management secrets that will have your list eating out of your hand and ready to buy from you. Simply copy and paste and your 21 day plan is ready to go.
  • Receive instant notifications every time you make a sale at Clickbank. It doesn't matter if your a vendor or affiliate.. all of the details are sent to you instantly.
  • Automatically send emails instantly to every buyer that purchases from your affiliate links...You'll learn how to turn those instant emails into auto-pilot cash in just minutes.
  • Find out where to get an endless supply of diamond studded content for your bonuses! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this.
  • Double your profits overnight with instant and totally hands free upsells that are offered and delivered in your sleep! You have no idea how much money you’ve been leaving on this table, until you see this in action.
  • Pre-written “magic” emails to ensure that your prospect never forgets to claim his bonus.
  • Ready-made, sizzling opt-in forms to make the entire set-up process stupidly simple. These work with Aweber, GetResponse, 1ShoppingCart, all Aweber Private Labels and many other custom auto-responders.
  • Training installation modules that are so simple: you’d have to try to screw it up.
  • Hours of video that explain everything you need to know from getting traffic, to building a list to upselling... the entire plan is laid out for you in a step by step plan.
  • New Refund Recovery tactics that will put those refunded commissions back into your pocket...automatically. This feature alone is worth the price of admission

This Version is Better, Bigger, Badder and Even More Powerful Than Ever!

Version 1 made its mark by being the very first automated bonus delivery system available to Internet Marketers. Before I released it, no one had even considered this a possibility. I was far ahead of the curve.

Imagine what’s in store...… even more features, more training and again, I’m way ahead on this one.

Clickbank Bonus Domination integrates comprehensive, step by step training and uses the power of the Bonus Delivery System to supercharge the results.


Even if you just used the advanced training modules, you would have an unfair advantage over every other affiliate marketer out there. That knowledge alone can increase your traffic, build your lists and get more sales.

Plugging in the Bonus Delivery System is like pushing that Nitrous Oxide button on a suped up street racer…

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that some of the features on the Bonus Delivery System are so powerful that I almost considered not releasing it at all.


Alright, I’ve just thrown a lot at you, so let me tell you exactly what you’re going to receive:

Getting Started Videos

Getting Started Videos and Training

This module is going to prepare you for everything you’re about to experience. Step by step videos and guides that will prepare you and get you focused.

We'll be picking niches, doing some advanced research and then you're on your way...


Preparing for Domination

Discover how these advanced strategies will show you exactly what buyers are looking for. You’ll discover how to pick the right product to promote at exactly the right time.

I’ve removed the guess work and you’re going to be able to find a hot niche that you can dominate.

Then I take you deep inside to show you how you can promote a product and won’t have to write a single keystroke of copy unless you want to.

This technique is invaluable and rarely used


Module 2:
Building the Bonus

Now with your niches selected you’ll discover how to build the most sought after, high value, relevant bonuses that you can possible offer.

These videos and modules will go hand and hand with the cut and paste tactics that will have your hard-drive overflowing with bonus materials ready to put on a silver platter for eager buyers…

I hand you over everything you need to get started including:

  • Exactly where to find killer bonuses without doing any real work.
  • How to create amazing bonuses in under 30 minutes by simply following the plan.
  • My Copy and Paste techniques for creating original bonus materials.

    (HINT: With just a FEW small changes this can instantly be products of your very own to sell)

Module 3

Module 3:
Building Relationships

Niches picked, bonus materials created. Now you need to learn how to build a massive list…but we’re not there YET.

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility and you need to understand how to treat your list in order to build trust. That’s exactly what your going to discover.

Module 3 shows you exactly what you need to put in place once you’re list is built. You’ll get my exact cut and paste technique that will build trust and have your new listed primed to buy anytime you wish.

If you already have a list you can simply use module 3 to turn your list into an automatic cash machine in under 18 days…

I’ve NEVER revealed these strategies to anyone UNTIL NOW.

Module 4

Module 4:
Traffic and List Building Strategies

Look, we’ve all heard about bum marketing, article writing, pay per click…. It’s the same old stuff.. except this time.

Now you’re going to put everything you’ve learned to work for you.

I’m going to reveal my top traffic strategies that will send thousands of hungry, targeted buyers to you…whenever you want.

Of course, traffic is just ½ of the challenge, the other ½ is building a high value, crazy hungry list, and that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

Module 4 makes it easy. Simply follow the video and the step by step cash blueprint and then use the turn key list building accelerator I’ve provided.

I've even included a set of downloads that you can use in under 5 minutes to begin building your list.

In under 5 minutes you’ll have your very own list honeypot.

Module 5

Module 5:
The Bonus Delivery Setup

This is where you’ll push that supercharger button.

Everything you’ve learned to this point will absolutely work all on it’s own. There is no need to ever use the Bonus Delivery system.. that is if you don’t want the chance to pull in laser target buyers, and the change to double, triple or even quadruple your commission from one affiliate sale.

In Just 10 minutes of time,
you’ll be ready to have the ultimate list getting, commission boosting, automation system running, on auto pilot.

This is a set it and forget system and everything is ready and waiting.

The Bonus Delivery system is your secret weapon that will grab every single buyer that purchases from your affiliate link and put them on your list of buyers.

Up until this point, we were just building lists of leads, now, the Bonus Delivery System builds a list of buyers…hungry customers that have already paid to be on your list.

WARNING: Everyone is eager to play with new toys, but I caution using this power without going through the other modules...

Module 5

The Bonus Delivery System & Email Management

This is the one system that can effectively run your affiliate business on auto pilot.

The Bonus Delivery System will save you time, build your business and increase your commissions because it:

  • Automatically sends emails to buyers that have purchased from your affiliate links
  • Automatically verifies valid Clickbank receipts
  • Protects your bonus downloads from hotlink and refunders
  • Adds buyers to your optin lists
  • Helps recover lost commissions from refunds by automatically contacting refunders with a new offer.

Requires mySQL 5.0+, php 4.0+ and a webhost. Linux/Unix web hosts are recommended.



OK, that was a BRIEF description of what you’re going to get. There are a ton more features within each module and truthfully, there are so many features of the Bonus Delivery System that I could sell that as a product all by itself… but I won’t.



"Still Not Convinced? Here's What the Top Internet Marketers Have To Say"


Eric Rockefeller"Anyone that is serious about affiliate marketing needs this system "


This system is killer!

I use bonus offers a lot and and it gets to be really time consuming manually verifying purchases, answering emails and sending out bonuses.

You set up a really powerful system that anyone can use from newbies to gurus.

This is going to save me a TON of time and really increase my affiliate commissions, not to mention keep my customers happy and build a huge list.

Anyone that is serious about affiliate marketing needs this system.

Eric Rockefeller


Kim Roach"...this should be the number one piece of ammo in your toolbelt!"

Hey Jeff,

Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to tell you that CB Bonus Domination is my favorite marketing tool of the year!

I've bought a TON of different tools online for my business, and yours beats them all!

This software is saving me hours of time every single week by automating many of my affiliate tasks.

Plus, it allows me to quickly and easily identify the hyper-responsive buyers on my list.

Most marketers do not realize that the majority of your sales will come from a small group of hyper-responsive buyers. When you cater to this group of buyers, you can make a LOT more money with less effort.

And CB Bonus Domination allows you to zone in on those hidden money pockets.

If you are promoting products as an affiliate, this should be the number one piece of ammo in your toolbelt.

I am forever grateful for this killer automation engine.

Thanks Jeff!

Kim Roach


Geoff Shaw"Best Internet Marketing Product of the Year 2009! "

It's only April and I've already decided what the best Internet Marketing product of 2009 is - Clickbank Bonus Domination.

I've even told my list this (several times) because Clickbank Bonus Domination will be DIRECTLY responsible for taking people who are making a few affiliate sales to Super Affiliate status.

Most of the products that we see getting promoted on a weekly basis are just 'different interpretations' of the same old stuff.

Sure a lot of it works, but how many times do you need to be told that TRAFFIC + CONVERSIONS = MONEY?

And that's where Clickbank Bonus Domination will help anyone - There's nothing that helps conversions better than Added Value and that's what we all see all of the 'gurus' doing with all their promotions.

Everyone offers bonuses and the better the bonus the more sales. It even supersedes relationship building.

My personal online business exploded when I gave away a $40 product as a bonus for people who purchased a competitors product through my affiliate link - That move 10 years ago was the start of 4 figure daily income for me - and I had to send the bonuses out manually!

Clickbank Bonus Domination automates the process that I've based my success on.

With 90% of my income coming from outside the Internet Marketing niche I can assure you that CBBD is boosting income like you wouldn't believe.

You can't afford not to get this one - Trust me... it will be the best investment you make this year.


Geoff Shaw


I strongly believe in over delivering and providing an amazing value. That's why I didn't stop at just bringing you the CBBD system...

You’ll Also Get The Following Bonus Modules…

BONUS 1: Bonus Creation Training
($47 value)

I’ve been known to crank out quite a few bonuses a month for other niches. I’ve been continually asked by other marketers what the best tools are for creating rich media content.

In this module I’ll breakdown the entire process and show you:

  • How I record my videos - You'll see everything step by step.
  • Video Creation Tools - I'll show you everything I use for creating videos and show you how you can create high quality videos and audio bonuses without spending a dime.
  • Media Management - You'll learn how I manage and store all of my media assets and my sources for finding high quality video and graphics for free.


BONUS 2: Bonus Delivery System Customization Resources
($47 value)

Inside this bonus module I give you everything you need to create your own look and feel for the Bonus Delivery system.

You’ll get all of the source files, graphics and a guide that completely explains everything.

These bonus modules, combined with the extensive training you’re about to receive, will provide a complete package for you to begin dominating affiliate sales, but I wanted to do something even more special.

“Sounds Absolutely Game Changing, Jeff. It Must Cost A Fortune!”

Well it should, but it doesn’t. At least not right now.

Before we can talk about price, we need to talk about value.

You are getting your hands on a system that can make you hands free sales of products TODAY! Then the long term plan kicks in and you can market to those proven buyers for the rest of your life.

You can create as many buyers list as you want with this system and the leads are yours to keep!

I could easily justify charging $5,000 for a system of this power and magnitude. Anyone with an investor’s brain would shell it out in a heartbeat.

Just pick your niche, plug in the traffic and you could recoup that sort of investment in a matter of weeks!

And you know something?

In the near future I KNOW that this very same software and training will cost that much if not more.

But, I've been in your shoes and know what it's like to really want to succeed, but not want to go broke doing it.

So how much is all this worth?

Clickbank Bonus Domination System Value
Main Clickbank Bonus Domination Course consisting of 6 Modules, packed with PDF's and video training $497
Bonus Delivery System and Email Relationship Manager $997
Bonus Creation Training Modules $47
Bonus Delivery System Customization Resources: $47
Surprise Bonuses and Extras..too good to mentioned... $997

Yes, this is course jam packed with information that will guide you through every step you need in order to begin building your online business...and it's worth over $2500!

So what am I really going to pay?

Alright, so let's cut to the chase and get the bottom line --but I've got to tell you... the value the bonus delivery system brings all by itself is priceless. I've personally seen people make back the price of this entire course within the first few hours of turning it on.. seriously.

Now, think about this..what if you made 1 sale that brought you a $47 commission and you were instantly able to sell something else to that same person within minutes? That $47 commission could have just doubled, tripled or even quadrupled.

If you did that, you would have made back everything you just spent on this course and have money left over... pretty amazing.

So, when you purchase today, you will get the entire Clickbank Bonus Domination Course, Bonus Delivery System and all of the bonuses you qualify for, all for only - $47.00.

But that's not all -- because I'm going to remove all of the risk for you. You have absolutely nothing to lose because you're also going to get...

Your No–Risk, 60–Day Instant Money–Back Guarantee

Money Back GuaranteeMy iron clad, 60 day, better than free, 100% money back guarantee

You will have 8 long weeks to try out the software, install it, make a million bucks with it. I don’t care.

If you’re not thrilled, not completely floored by the sheer cash producing potential of Clickbank Bonus Domination then: I don’t want your money!


Obviously, CB Bonus Domination isn't for everybody. But, if you're someone that can follow the modules that are laid out for you, has a desire to succeed and is willing to put in a little bit of time, I know this will work for you.

Remember, I'm getting rid of all of the risk with my Money Back Guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?

Your list of hungry buyers is only a click away.

Lock in your order of Clickbank Bonus Domination right now before the price rockets to the stratosphere

Yes Jeff, I want access to CB Bonus Domination right now!

  I understand that by gaining access...

  • I'll get immediate access to the 6 CB Bonus Domination Training Modules that will put me on the track to success.
  • I'll receive full access to the latest version of the Bonus Delivery System that will help me build a huge list of buyers.
  • I'll recieve full access to CB Bonus Domination for an extremely low one-time purchase price of $47.
  • I also understand that my purchase comes with a full 60–Day Money–Back Guarantee.



So please remove all worry over the price of this product right now.

Shoot Clickbank an email any time within the next 8 weeks (no explanation needed) and you’ll have your money back within days.

And we’ll even still be friends and potential business partners. It’s not personal.

That’s how confident I am that CB Bonus Domination will shift your business into overdrive.

All the risk is off your shoulders now, and success online is now so close you can taste it. Lock in your order while this software is still available.


To your success,

Jeff Czyzewski

Jeff Czyzewski & the CB Bonus Domination Team

P.S. You’ve got to be kidding. You’re reading the P.S. when you’re only a few clicks away from building a massive buyers list on complete auto-pilot?

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